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What is The Puppy Club?

The Puppy Club is a membership program providing veterinary clinics with access to world-class and up-to-date resources, training and client materials to provide a professional puppy school service to new puppy parents.


As part of your Puppy Club membership you gain access to:

  • The Puppy Club course for your entire team
  • A library of professional client handouts branded with your clinic logo and details
  • Digital marketing resources to use on your social media and website
  • Ongoing live and recorded continuing education to ensure your puppy school provides gold standard of care to your patients
  • Implementation and puppy school service line growth support
  • Ongoing case support
  • Networking and close group forum with likeminded professionals
  • Learn when and where you want with accessible online modules and a library of recorded continuing education webinars and resources

A Veterinary Behaviour Specialist endorses both our professional training program and puppy school course.

What does the course cover?

The Puppy Club course is a self paced online program that will provide you with everything you need to successfully and confidently deliver a professional puppy school to your clients.

The 8 modules will take you step by step through each week, the How To’s of puppy school along with successful implementation and growth of your professional puppy school.

Each module is presented in a chronological order taking you through the benefits of puppy school, how to set a class up, week by week content and troubleshooting advice along with additional content focusing on business outcomes and successful implementation and growth.

To complement your learning you also receive flexible and modifiable lesson plans and ongoing continuing education.

How is The Puppy Club course different to other puppy school training?

We are more than just a course. We provide you with everything you need to deliver outstanding and personalised service to your clients and support you along the way. Once you have finished the course you will not be left to figure it out. We provide ongoing support and continuing education throughout the life of your membership.

During the course you will be taken through the process of creating, delivering and building your professional puppy school.  Modules will cover the how to’s of puppy school including content, training and advice along with marketing, bookings and how puppy school can drive client acquisitions, develop strong client relationships and improve clinic performance.

Our program has been developed in collaboration with and endorsed by Veterinary Behaviour Specialists and is continually being reviewed and updated.

With the most up to date information and techniques you know you will be providing your clients and their puppy with the best advice and training

How long does the course go for?

The course is a self-paced online course. You have access to your Puppy Club course for the life of your 12 month membership. Each of the 8 modules takes between 20 minutes – 1 hour.


What ongoing continuing education do I receive?

All Puppy Club members receive ongoing support and additional webinars to assist in implementation, integrating services and challenging cases.

There is no one size fits all, we ask what YOU want in the next CE session and give you the tools to provide the service and solution to your clients.  Our live webinars are available throughout the year and are recorded for you to access on demand.

Our professional CE provides transferable skills and solutions for your team to gain behaviour knowledge and skills that can help you in the consult and treatment room.

Our entire library of professional CE is available on demand and recorded for our members.

I already run a puppy school. Why should I join The Puppy Club?

Running a puppy school can be lonely and at times cases can be challenging, as a member of The Puppy Club teams are also joining a passionate community and support network.

Joining The Puppy Club allows you to market your clinic as a leader in puppy training and behaviour. With the most up to date information and techniques you know you will be providing your clients and their puppy with the best advice and training.

As part of the network you also receive ongoing implementation, case support and continuing education.

Our course and continuing education is world class and provides access to both live and recorded continuing education.

I work in a clinic with multiple team members running puppy school. Can we all do the course?

Yes! Your Puppy Club membership provides access to the course, resource library and continuing education for your entire clinical team.


When you join The Puppy Club you will be prompted to register your team. Each team member will receive their own log in to complete the course at their own pace.

I am an independent trainer can I join The Puppy Club?

Yes, of course! We support all Veterinary and pet professionals in providing world class services to their clients and pets. We understand that running a business can be lonely and believe in collaboration, not competition.


Creating a community of like minded professionals passionate about providing clients with the most up to date information and advice to ensure the best outcomes for their pets is what we are all about.

What does white label resources mean?

White label means the professional client resources can be branded with your personal logo and clinic details.


Professionally branded resources build brand equity, credibility and develop client relationships. Client resources can be printed to hand out to your clients during your puppy school course or available to your clients digitally.

Puppy school should be a fun and interactive experience for clients and the Veterinary team. The aim is to develop long term authentic relationships that bond clients and their pets to the Veterinary clinic and the team.

I have joined The Puppy Club and need to add my team so they can access the course. How do I add people to my group?

To register your team members click here and complete each team members details.

How do I replace or add a team member to my Puppy Club group?

As a member of The Puppy Club your entire clinical team gets access. We understand that teams change and grow. To remove or add team members from your group simply email the team at

Do I need to renew my membership? Will I receive a discount?

Yes and Yes! Your Puppy Club membership needs to renewed annually. You will receive an email when your membership is coming close to it’s renewal date. As a valued member of The Puppy Club you will also receive a discounted rate and gift to thank you for your continued support.

Can I market my Puppy Club professional membership?

Yes and it is highly recommended!

When you join The Puppy Club you will receive a series of digital marketing icons to use on your social media and website. Your clinic logo and URL will also be added to The Puppy Club’s public facing pages as a professional member. New clients will be able to find you and know you are providing the best standard of care.

Can I continue to use The Puppy Club marketing and course after my membership ends?

No. The use of The Puppy Club course, resources and all affiliated content can only be used during your membership year. To continue to use The Puppy Club materials and content you will need to renew your membership. Please refer to the terms and conditions in your membership agreement.


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